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Dry Eye Explained

When your eyes do not produce enough quality tears to protect the surface of the eye, Dry Eye syndrome can result. This condition can, in some cases, be very painful and uncomfortable.

Dry eye symptoms may include:

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Dry Eye syndrome is a common eye condition that can affect anyone. The condition is, however, more prominent amongst women and those aged 65 and above.

Why does Dry Eye occur?

Dry Eye symptoms can be triggered by:

Treatment Available for Dry Eye

The treatment recommended for Dry Eye will depend on the severity of symptoms. For milder cases, an optometrist will begin with recommendations for changes in lifestyle. They will also provide eye drops to assist with lubricating the eye to ease discomfort.

If symptoms do not improve, the optometrist may recommend the following:

Either in the form of oral medication or eye drops, anti-inflammatory treatment decreases swelling in the eye to assist with pain relief.

Punctum plugs are inserted into the tear ducts to assist in keeping moisture in the eye. They block the tear ducts to prevent tears from draining too quickly. Permanent or semi-permanent options are available.

At Ultralase we also offer a non-invasive treatment option that helps ease discomfort and pain, MiBo Thermoflo Treatment.

MiBo ThermofloTM Treatment

We have recently introduced an advanced new treatment specifically for dry eye, MiBo Thermoflo. It is a unique treatment offering many benefits:

How long does treatment last?

Mibo Thermoflo sessions last approximately 12 minutes per eye and three sessions are recommended, depending on the severity of your condition.

Consultation & Treatment at Ultralase

If you choose to have treatment at Ultralase for Dry Eyes, you will receive an expert consultation and eye examination. After an assessment on the severity of your Dry Eye condition, a course of treatment will be recommended. Further care appointments are then scheduled to monitor your progress.

The cost of a consultation at one of our Dry Eye Clinics is £60. For more information, please visit our dedicated Dry Eye website or to book your consultation please call 0800 093 1110.