FAQ - Aftercare

Frequently asked questions - Aftercare

How soon after eye surgery do I return for a check-up?

Our professional vision correction team will give you a post-operative check-up 1-2 days post treatment. All patients remain monitored under the care of our specialists for 6 months.

Each of our treatment types has its own specific surgery aftercare programme. Further information is available at your free eye surgery consultation or you can call 0800 9888 237.

Will it damage my eyes or make them worse? Will I get perfect eyesight?

The aim of all Ultralase vision correction is to improve your eyesight. Everything we do is targeted to achieve that, from the equipment we install to the recruitment of highly-skilled specialists, from the procedures we follow to the assessments we make.

What if it goes wrong?

This is highly unlikely and we will discuss the risks with you at your consultation as well as the result we expect for you. We will do all we can so you achieve the best possible result from your treatment.

How soon after can I rub my eyes?

Do not rub your eyes at all for 2 weeks and try to minimise rubbing them during the first 4 weeks.

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