Reading Prescriptions

Reading prescriptions

Presbyopia is the natural condition that affects us all as we reach our 40s or early 50s. It causes the need for reading glasses as the focusing ability of the eye’s natural lens decreases with age.

The presbyopia solution we recommend for you depends upon a number of factors, including your age and the degree of presbyopia you have. At your free consultation, you’ll be recommended whichever of the treatments below will give you the best results.


While some treatments for presbyopia involve a degree of compromise between near and distance vision, PresbyMAX aims to provide both near and distance vision in both eyes. PresbyMAX works on a similar principle to multifocal lenses, by reshaping the eye’s surface into precise focal points. This provides good vision at all distances, whether the object is near, far, or in between. The technique can also treat visual defects during the procedure. After treatment, patients could read a newspaper within a few minutes – without the aid of glasses.

Monovision treatment

Monovision is ideal for those who have a distance prescription (short-sight or long sight) as well as presbyopia. The treatment is designed to give correction at a range of distances by adjusting the amount of treatment to give a blended effect. This solution is dependent on your brain’s ability to adapt to this form of correction, and so we often use a contact lens trial to check your suitability.

Monovision involves modifying the treatment in the nondominant eye to improve near vision, and monovision correction is an option with all of our laser eye treatment or IOL treatment. Those who will benefit from monovision treatment are those who wear glasses or contact lenses for distance as well as for reading