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Laser eye surgery treatment results

Ultralase believes in being open with information to help its patients choose the right eye surgery treatment for them.

Data is collected before, during and after treatment and we are constantly monitoring and evaluating all our results. As part of that process, we study every single vision correction procedure by every single eye surgeon. In a single year, we will collect more than one million blocks of data, which are then analysed to confirm we perform to our stringent standards.

Latest results

Ultra elite:

With the introduction of our newest treatment, it was found that 99% of people achieved 20:20 vision or better. These results were confirmed by a study of binocular vision on all Ultra Elite treatment results, excluding mono vision and partial treatments, between 13th July and 3rd November 2009.

All treatment results (excluding Ultra elite):

Our results from 2009 show that 99.9% of patients treated by Ultralase achieved driving standard or better and over 93% 20:20 vision or better*.

At least 20/20 95%
At least driving standard (20/40) 99%

*Results from 1447 consecutive eyes treated from 30th June to 17th August 2011. Results taken from the last follow-up, at least 3 months after treatment. Distance vision treatments only.

Very high prescriptions: we do not normally carry out laser eye treatment for very high prescriptions. However, alternative Ultralase non-laser treatments are available, which may be more appropriate. Results of all Ultralase treatments are available in clinic.

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