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Join the Ultralase team

Are you looking to join a fun and successful team? Perhaps you'd like to change direction in regards to your job? Here at Ultralase, we offer a myriad of opportunities across a range of departments. Take a look below at some of the roles we offer and vacancies!

Job Opportunities at Ultralase

Personal Advisor

Ultralase Laser Eye Surgeries have helped to change the lives of tens of thousands of people. But like any clinical procedure - some patients will be nervous; others are looking for information and advice. The Personal Advisor role is responsible for delivering the highest level of personal care to all our patients.

From the moment a patient enters an Ultralase Clinic, they receive individual attention from their own Personal Advisor, who is able to answer any questions or concerns the patient may have. They also talk through the options and payment plans, book treatments and most importantly make the customer feel at ease. This is a key part of the patient experience and this role forms an integral part of our clinic model.

Previous customer service and sales experience are important for this role, but what we are looking for most is a caring, business like approach. Our Personal Advisors have excellent interpersonal skills and are able to help people from all backgrounds to make an informed choice. 

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Personal Advisor role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.

Clinic Manager

Managing an Ultralase clinic means being personally responsible for a business that improves the quality of life for its customers, embraces the highest levels of clinical excellence and creates a culture of teamwork and professionalism. Our Clinic Managers are experienced people managers with the ability to build, motivate and develop a team to perform against targets. A key part of the Clinic Manager role is coaching and supporting the personal development of the team to ensure continuous improvement and an excellent service to our customers.

Our clinics are fast paced, rapidly changing environments so Clinic Managers are expected to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes when under pressure. You will be expected to deal with a variety of customer issues and have a strong commercial awareness, being responsible for the financial performance of the clinic. Our Clinic Managers are dynamic and driven with excellent customer service skills and the ability to work effectively with a range of different stakeholders.

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Personal Advisor role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.

Clinic Technician

Our Clinic Technicians are integral to our Treatment Teams and work with closely with Colleagues to ensure the delivery of world class care to our patients. They are multi-skilled, able to provide exceptional care to the patient whilst assisting the Nurse in all aspects of Treatment procedure.

Clinic Technicians at Ultralase assist Nursing Colleagues in preparing patients for laser surgery treatments and are responsible for sterilising and assembling specialist surgical equipment. They are also responsible for resolving patients clinical queries, providing basic advice on healthcare before and after treatment.

Our Clinic Technicians are sensitive and professional, with experience of a customer/patient facing role, however previous experience within a clinical environment is not essential. All aspects of the Clinic Technician role require a full competency based sign off and training and assessment is carried out by a Registered Nurse before the Clinic Technician is deemed fit for practice. The successful candidate will be a fast learner who enjoys working with people and possesses a caring attitude. Our Clinic Technicians have excellent attention to detail and a proven ability to provide exceptional customer service to our patients.

Our experienced Clinic Technicians have the opportunity to take on extended roles in diagnostics and training.

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Clinic Technician role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.


The Ultralase Nurse is primarily there for patient safety. The Nurse oversees and liaises with the Clinic Manager and Surgeon on all aspects of the treatment day. The Nurse is multi skilled and can participate in all 3 areas of treatment day practice-patient preparation, trolley management and laser assistant. The Nurse is responsible for all aspects of medication management in their clinic. The Nurse is also expected to oversee or carry out monthly stock ordering for treatment day consumables. Nurses in Ultralase receive high standard of training and continuous development and this can lead to more senior roles including Lead Clinic Nurse and Extended Role Lead Clinic Nurse.

Nurses at Ultralase work closely with the Clinic Manager to manage, support and develop our clinical teams. Our Nurses are responsible for ensuring clinic adherence to Ultralase guidelines, protocols and regulatory standards whilst ensuring the highest quality of care throughout the treatment process. Our Nurses have excellent communication skills together with first class interpersonal and organisational skills. They are responsible for all aspects of medication management in the clinic and manage the stock ordering for treatment day consumables. Nurses at Ultralase oversee all clinical aspects ensuring that Ultralase patients receive world-class patient care throughout their patient journey.

Our Nurses are real team players, skilled at building positive and productive relationships with colleagues and patients alike. They have excellent communication and organisational skills and are able to effectively liaise with other professionals (Surgeons and Optometrists) in the care planning for patients.

Nurses in Ultralase receive a very high standard of training and continuous development. Additional responsibility and progression is available with more senior role including Lead Clinic Nurse.

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Nurse role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.

Customer Service Advisor

Customer Service is based in Peterborough, full of outgoing individuals, responsible for following up enquiries, helping people who call our hotline for information and booking prospective patients in for consultations at our clinics. The role carried out by the Advisors in our Customer Service centre is a vital part of our patient journey and therefore a customer-focused approach is essential. Our Advisors are friendly and professional with a great telephone personality. It is a great career for any individual who wants to work in an environment that believes in team work and top rewards. As a Company, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do and it is the role of the Advisor to ensure that our patients are treated with a world class service as soon as they make contact with Ultralase.

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Advisor role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.


At Ultralase our Optometrists provide high class customer care to patients and assess suitability for treatment through pre-operative diagnostic examination. Following treatment, our Optometrists meet with patients to provide aftercare, always maintaining the highest level of clinical standards.

We offer a stimulating and challenging environment for Optometrists to develop their clinical skills and advance their career. We work with cutting-edge technology, alongside highly-skilled and experienced Refractive Surgeons, in a rapidly-changing and very satisfying field. Ultralase provides a wide range of solutions for our patients, including laser procedures, IOLs, and Presbyopia treatments. With the introduction of Ultra Elite our clinics are producing results of a standard never seen before in the history of laser eye treatment and our Optometrists have the opportunity to progress their career in a Company that is at the forefront of refractive surgery and clinical excellence.

Ultralase is committed to clinical career progression for its Optometrists and surgeons and there are routes for Optometrists wishing to take on additional or specialist responsibilities and further their careers. Continuous Education and Training is met through internal sources including daytime and evening meetings, distance learning and regular Optometrist conferences.

Previous refractive experience is not essential as we have an extensive Induction Training Programme for all Optometrists joining the business.

If you are looking for a professional career path for your skills and would like to find out more about working as an Optometrist at Ultralase please contact enquiries@ultralase.com. We are always looking to hear from Optometrists interested in joining our Company, so if there are currently no suitable positions for you please send us your CV and we will contact you should a vacancy arise.

Customer Care Coordinator

Our Customer Care Coordinators are the first face a customer sees when they visit an Ultralase Clinic. Colleagues in this role therefore have outstanding communication skills and treat our patients with a caring, courteous and professional manner, ensuring exceptional levels of customer care at all times. This role is a key part of the patient journey and our Customer Care Coordinators have very high personal standards to deliver a quality service to our patients which is constantly monitored by our Patient Satisfaction Survey results.

Our Customer Care Coordinators have excellent IT skills and attention to detail as they are also responsible for updating the clinic diary, maintaining customer files and taking payments for treatment. Our clinics can be very busy and the ability to organise workloads and prioritise whilst remaining calm under pressure is a key attribute of our Customer Care Coordinators.

If you would like to find out more, see a job description or alternatively would like to speak to one of our Colleagues currently in the Customer Care Coordinator role, please contact enquiries@ultralase.com.

Head Office

Since Ultralase was first established in 1991, the Company has gone from strength to strength and now has a presence in 20 locations across the United Kingdom. 

Human Resources

Ultralase now employs over 300 employees across 31 locations and our Human Resources department works closely with employees across the business to ensure that working for Ultralase is a rewarding experience, where individual contribution is recognised and all Colleagues are given the opportunity to develop their skills. The Human Resources team also works closely with Managers across the business to ensure we are recruiting high calibre, customer focused individuals to work in our clinics and that our high standards of performance are maintained and continuously improved.


Based in Peterborough, our Marketing department is responsible all our Company advertising, from direct mail, online campaigns, public relations, blogger relations, promotions and radio adverts. 


Financial control, analysis and reporting underpin all the key commercial decisions that shape our Company strategy and our Finance team play an essential part in keeping us at the forefront of the Refractive Surgery Industry. Our Finance team supports our clinics through efficient data processing and work closely with Clinic Managers to provide essential reporting and advice to enable them to improve business performance.


Our IT department is responsible for the connectivity of our network of clinics and consulting rooms across the UK. IT plays a key part in the Ultralase patient journey and to assist in that we have developed our central, bespoke database which is accessed by all our Colleagues from our call centre team to our surgeons. Our team works closely with Managers to ensure we have the ability to work efficiently whilst introducing new technologies in to the company to improve our Colleague and Customer experience further.

Clinical Services

The Clinical Services Department is responsible for setting and managing clinical policy across the Group. The key areas of focus are the advancement of the most accurate and up to date technology, a constant effort on driving the best possible patient outcomes, ensuring optimal patient safety and the widest expertise in our sector. Members of the Clinical Services team work with front line clinicians and have been responsible for credibly proving we produce the best outcomes in the UK by any laser eye treatment provider with independent verification, proving the surgeon team have the highest level of relevant qualification in the sector (another unique claim to Ultralase), proving that Ultralase contributes more to industry knowledge than any other UK Group. It is this commitment to excellence that Ultralase believe in, first and foremost, and all aimed at enhancement of the patient experience.