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Laser Eye Surgery London Finchley Road

Learn more about our London Finchley Road clinic here.

Located just a short walk from the Finchley Road station, our Finchley Road clinic offers a group of staff who will provide you with the best care before, during and after your treatments.

LASIK... A small flap is created on the eye using a laser. The flap is then lifted and a second laser corrects your prescription. The flap is re-positioned down in order to heal. Recovery for LASIK is minimal. 
LASEK... Anesthetic drops are administered to soften the cells on the eye, which are then moved aside, and a laser is used to correct your prescription. The cells are re-positioned back and we apply a protective contact lens on your eye while your eye heals. Recovery for is around 3-5 days.


Services Available at London Finchley Road Ultralase

Surgeons treating in London Finchley Road

Dr Samuel
Dr Ayoubi
Dr Mughal
Dr Madhusudhan
Dr Grzeszkowiak

Please ensure you have booked with us ahead of your visit.

We are no longer able to assist walk-in visits as we are limiting the number of patients at our facilities to observe social distancing measures.


128 Finchley Road

Contact Us

EMAIL: enquiries@ultralase.com
PHONE: 0800 988 63900800 988 6390

Opening Times

Mon- Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sun: 9:00am - 12:00pm


The O2 centre has a car park that you are able to use if you are visiting the clinic.

Public Transport

Finchley Road tube station and Frognal overground are both a short walk from the clinic. The tube station is accessible from both the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines.
Buses stop a short distance from the clinic at stops FH and FL for buses numbered 13, 113, 187 and 268.