5 reasons to choose Ultralase for your laser eye surgery

30 June 2022

Author: Kate Green

Choose Ultralase for laser eye surgery

To laser or not to laser?


We understand that laser eye surgery is a huge decision. From which type of procedure to have, to which provider to visit, to whether or not you go for it at all. There is so much to think about and we know that this is not a decision that anyone takes lightly.


If you’re in the research stage of your laser eye surgery journey, and you’re shopping around and visiting different providers, then this is the perfect blog post for you. We’re going to go over a few things that we at Ultralase believe set us apart from other providers and make us a brilliant first choice for your laser eye surgery.


1. Fixed, transparent prices

First things first, we know how important pricing is to all of our patients. With other providers, you might find that pricing is relative to your prescription and even if you’re drawn in with a low ‘from’ price, you’ll likely end up paying a lot more than that. We know this is a bit misleading, so we like to offer one fixed price for all our laser eye surgery procedures. We charge £1,995 per eye, regardless of prescription and regardless of if you’re having LASIK or LASEK. This means you know exactly what to expect and there are no hidden costs later down the line.


2. Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee

We offer a Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee to all our laser eye surgery patients. This means that, should it be deemed necessary for you to have further treatment, we can offer it to you free of charge. Our fixed price that we mentioned above also includes all your aftercare appointments with us until you’re discharged with a satisfactory result. We pride ourselves on a high level of aftercare for our patients, and you can read more about it on our website here.


3. Longest-established eye surgery specialists

We were founded in 1991, making us one of the longest-established providers of laser eye surgery in the UK. Having been around for this long, we have plenty of experience and have hundreds of thousands of happy patients who are living with clear vision! You can read patient reviews from over the years to see that our 5 star reputation on Trustpilot is something we have earned with excellent service and brilliant patient results.


4. Nationwide clinics

We have 20 clinics around the UK, from Newton Abbot up to Newcastle. We also have clinics in Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast, as well as covering most large cities and towns in England. Wherever you are, you’re likely to be close to an Ultralase clinic. This means that popping in for your free consultation or swinging by with an aftercare query is simple and convenient for you. You can see our full list of clinic locations here.


5. NHS consultant level surgeons

Last, but certainly not least, we know how important it is to have the procedure performed by a professional you trust. All of our surgeons are members of either the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or Royal College of Surgeons. Further to that, they’re also all NHS consultant level doctors, so you can rest assured that you’re in great hands. You can read more about each individual surgeon on their dedicated profile page on our website.


Get in touch


If you’ve been considering laser eye surgery but you have a few questions or things you’d like to go over first, that’s no problem at all. We’re more than happy to help answer any queries you may have. You can give us a call on 0800 988 6390 or email enquiries@ultralase.com and one of our dedicated customer advisors will be able to speak to you.


We look forward to seeing you in your local Ultralase clinic soon!

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