Ian’s multifocal lens surgery

17 May 2022

Author: Kate Green

Ian's lens surgery

Ultralase patient advisor has lens treatment


When you come into your nearest Ultralase clinic for a consultation or treatment, can you think of anything more reassuring than knowing the staff members have been through the same experience themselves? That’s the reality of coming to Ultralase for your laser eye surgery or lens treatment. Our team members believe in the procedures so much, and have seen the benefits of eye surgery from their own patients, that plenty of them have gone on to have surgery themselves.


The latest member of our Liverpool clinic team to have lens surgery is the wonderful Ian. Ian has been with us for 8 years and has helped thousands of patients over the years on their journey to clear vision. In his role as a patient advisor, Ian assists with every part of the patient journey, from conducting consultations when patients first visit us, to helping out on treatment day and with the aftercare process.


We wanted to know about Ian’s motivations to have treatment, what kind of lens he opted for, and how life is after having lens surgery. Ian was kind enough to sit down with us for a chat all about his path to new vision.


What made you want to get lens surgery?


It’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, mainly to be less dependent on glasses on a daily basis. Also, as I’m getting older, the fact that I’ll never have to worry about cataracts later in life was very appealing. (Replacing your eye’s natural lens with a cataract lens prevents a cataract from forming later on, which would require a cataract surgery to remove it.) All the time, patients asked me why I hadn’t had treatment yet so I’m pleased to tell them I have now!


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


I couldn’t read a thing without glasses which I’ve been wearing since the age of 7. My prescription was +1.00 with a reading addition of +2.00. (This is a mild long-sighted prescription and meant that Ian relied on glasses for most day-to-day tasks.)


How did you feel on the day of treatment?


I felt absolutely fine. I actually worked the treatment day as normal and was the last patient on the treatment list after the rest of the patients had gone home. This helped to distract me from any nerves I might have otherwise felt.


What was the experience like in the clinic?


Amazing! I lay on the treatment bed for approximately 30 minutes and it was the most relaxing 30 minutes I’ve ever spent in Ultralase! As I came out of the treatment room I felt extremely proud of what we do. Dr Ilango and the nurses (pictured in the main image at the top of this blog post) were absolutely outstanding.


What was your recovery process like?


The day after treatment, for the first time ever, I could read texts and emails on my phone without glasses. In the beginning, my eyes felt a bit dry but the optometrists were amazing in sorting this for me.


How has life changed?


It’s just become so much easier not having to bother with glasses – not even needing reading glasses for small print because I chose multifocal lenses. (These lenses allow the patient to see well for both near and far distances.) I’m now also able to advise our patients better and to draw on my own personal experience when they have questions about lens surgery.


If you have any questions about lens surgery, you can read more on our website here. You can also send an email to enquiries@ultralase.com with any questions you may have, or give us a call on 0800 988 6390 to speak to one of our customer advisors. We look forward to welcoming you into an Ultralase clinic soon!

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