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Laser Eye Surgery

To put it simply, we work to reshape your cornea for light to enter the eye in the correct way so your vision is improved. We’re able to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness as well as astigmatism; which is something many patients believed to be un-treatable to begin with.

Learn more about Ultralase's mission to offer the best laser eye surgery treatments in the UK.

At Ultralase, we provide state of the art technology to correct your distance vision. This procedure has been around for over forty years, so it’s certainly not new. However, people are becoming increasingly more familiar with laser eye surgery, but many may not know that the way we treat patients has changed drastically since the 90’s!

It’s important to note that of course, laser eye surgery is very advanced, so at Ultralase we only work with the best ophthalmic surgeons to perform your treatments.

When it comes to laser eye surgery, we provide the following:

Are you suitable?

We are proud to provide our patients with the best possible screening and consultation stage to determine their suitability and options around laser treatment. A detailed explanation of what is available to you is really important to us, so as soon as you arrive to a clinic of ours, you are greeted with questions to kickstart the process.
With the use of several machines including one to measure your pupil and another to measure the pressure within the eye, our optometrist will then carry out a range of other tests to determine what the best treatment would be for you.

Learn more about your suitability here.


Laser Surgery - Step by Step

  • Anaesthetic drops are administered to your eyes to ensure they are numbed before surgery.

  • The surgeon applies the laser to your eye, which will reshape and correct the refractive imperfections on the cornea.

  • Let the healing commence! If you have LASIK treatment, you will see results within a matter of hours. With LASEK, you will start to see a drastic difference in your vision within a few days. Please remember that the rate at which your eyes heal differs from person to person.

What lasers do Ultralase use?

At Ultralase, we only use the best of world class technology to treat our patients (down to the femtosecond!), to ensure we provide you with the best possible results. Our laser manufacturers are constantly involved in research to further improve and provide even more accurate lasers to the refractive surgery market.

  • Schwind
  • Nidek
  • VISX

All the lasers that we use in our clinics are equipped with the latest Wavefront software, which you can learn more about here.

Cost of Laser Treatment

At Ultralase we work my a fixed price basis. Unlike other providers in the UK, we believe that you shouldn't have to pay more if you have a higher prescription.

Additionally we also provide the following:

Have a look through to see what each procedure involves and how you can determine what your options are.