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At Ultralase, we take your aftercare very seriously. These are your eyes after all, and your happiness is our priority.
With that in mind, we urge you to attend every aftercare appointment from start to finish* so we can make sure your eyes are healing properly.

Your aftercare will vary very slightly in accordance to your treatment:

3-5 days after treatment
1 day after treatment
7-14 days after treatment
7-14 days after treatment
1 month after treatment
1 month after treatment
3 months after treatment
3 months after treatment
6 months after treatment
6 months after treatment
12 months after treatment
12 months after treatment

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You are advised to have someone accompany you on the day of your treatment, and we suggest that you do not drive until after your first aftercare appointment to ensure your eyes are healing as they should be!

It’s important to note that you should try to avoid rubbing your eyes for 2 weeks, with minimal touching of your eyes during the 4 weeks post-surgery.

You will be given the appropriate medication to ensure your eyes heal as they should, as well as contact numbers, if you have any concerns regarding your treatment. 

You can also call 0800 9888 237 for more information!

You must make sure that you attend check-ups at an independent opticians’ every two years, post treatment to make sure your eyes are stable.

*PLEASE REMEMBER: It is incredibly important that you attend your aftercare appointments, not only for the healing process, but to keep your lifetime guarantee valid too.