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LASEK Laser Eye Surgery

If you have a high prescription, thin corneas or take part in active contact sports, LASEK laser eye surgery may be recommended by the optometrist as more suitable for you; an alternative to LASIK laser treatment. Below is a brief guide to get yourself up to speed with what this treatment will entail...

LASEK can also treat a range of refractive issues, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but particularly if you are a patient with thinner corneas and if you have an active lifestyle!

Recovery time is normally 3-5 days.

What is LASEK eye surgery?

With the laser programmed specifically to your individual prescription - LASEK (also known as EPI-LASIK) laser eye surgery is the treatment of lasering the surface of your cornea under the epithelium (the transparent layer of cells covering the eye). Take a look below for more information on the procedure:

AnaestheticAnaesthetic drops are administered. The clinic staff and the surgeon ensure that you are given anaesthetic before and during the procedure to make sure you are unable to feel anything.

DropsDrops are given to soften the cornea cells (also known as the epithelium).

Once the cells are softened, the surgeon moves the cells aside to begin the process…

cool beam laserThe cool beam laser is applied to reshape your cornea – this laser is programmed to your exact prescription, which is checked, and checked and double checked again before being applied to your eye.

Bandge contact lensesAfter the laser has been applied to your eye, the cells are then repositioned back into place and a special contact lens is put on your eye to aid recovery.

As with LASIK, this procedure is blade-free (NO blades are used within our laser treatments!) – your eye heals naturally, with the aid of eye drops to prevent infection and protective shields.

Book in for your free* consultation or call us on 0800 988 6390 to speak to one of our customer advisers.

* We do require a £10 holding fee for a week day consultation or a £30 holding fee for a Saturday, which will be refunded straight back to you after you have attended. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment once you have had your consultation.