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What Are The Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery?

Is laser eye surgery safe? …is just one of the questions that many patients ask when they come to see us. Like with any medical procedure, however, there are risks associated with it. Your optometrist and surgeon will be very clear about what you can expect post-surgery. Once this has been done, you’ll be provided with a consent form to confirm that you understand what the procedure will entail and how to cope with recovery.

Well - Did you know that laser eye surgery is the most commonly performed private procedure in the UK? Over 1 million people in the UK alone have benefited from it, and globally, 30 million people have also gone through with the treatment.

  • The development of dry eyes: This is a common side effect for patients, especially straight after treatment. Dryness and redness will disappear overtime for most patients, however if it persists, we provide dry eye treatment to combat this. 
  • The development of an eye infection: This is extremely rare. We provide you with drops to ensure that this is prevented, regular aftercare appointments where we can determine the recovery of your eyes. It is worth noting that not all the recovery will be at the hands of our clinic staff, you need to ensure that you are doing all you can to allow your eyes to return to normal too.
  • Over corrected/under corrected eyes: In very rare cases, the patient’s prescription doesn’t result in 20/20 vision or their condition is reversed (long sighted turned to near sighted or vice versa). If this were to ever happen, we can provide retreatment to rectify it.

Our lasers are programmed to your exact prescriptions. This is checked, checked again, and checked again before and during your treatment to make sure that everything is accurate and the way it should be.

It is worth noting that the laser does not penetrate beyond the surface of the eye, and you will have a team of medical professionals on hand throughout the surgery.

All of our surgeons are registered with the General Medical council and are Members or Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, so a practice of safe and successful treatment is the first thing that they consider. You can be sure that you are in safe hands if you are considering this procedure.

From our very own patient feedback, we have found that 99.91% of our patients have come back to us with 20/20 vision or better.

Contact us now to find out more about your FREE consultation and to find out more about all the safety precautions we take around treatment.