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Wavefront treatment 

At your consultation, a Wavefront scan is taken of the surface of your eye. This reveals, in minute detail, the true gradients of your cornea, as well as all of the blemishes and imperfections. These blemishes or imperfections can affect the way in which light refracts into your eye, causing your vision to be compromised.

This is Ultralase’s most popular treatment. As you may have seen on our ‘Costs’ page, it is not of any additional cost like many other providers in the UK.
We feel that if this is a necessary part to your treatment to correct your vision, it will be added at the advice of your surgeon.

The machine we use to identify the quality of your cornea is the NIDEK OPD.

With this scan, the laser is programmed to target the blemishes and to correct your prescription during treatment, leaving you with a smoother, more refined cornea surface. As the scan acts as a map specifically taken from your eye, each Wavefront treatment is unique and tailored precisely to your eyes’ requirements.