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Your Treatment Journey

Like a lot of things in life, knowing what to expect can make you feel settled. We've outlined a step by step guide for you below to put you at ease while you weigh up your options for laser eye surgery. Our treatment journey is straightfoward, we have broken it down simply so you are totally clear on what to expect.

Consultation eye tests


Here, you will meet the clinic staff and optometrist, who will perform your eye examinations and guide you through the consultation process.

We will carry out a series of tests (some you may be familiar with from any appointment with an optician), and the information gathered in these tests will form the basis of your treatment plan.

Your consultation will usually last about 2 hours.


  • You will need to remove your contact lenses for a period of time to allow your eyes to settle before the consultation.
  • In the consultation, your pupils will be dilated, meaning you will be unable to drive for a few hours post consultation, so travel plans will have to be made!
  • Your treatment plan will be thoroughly explained to you, alongside what options are available to you.

There is no charge for your consultation and there is no obligation to continue!

[We require a £10 holding fee for a week day or a £30 holding fee for a Saturday appointment, which will be refunded back to you straight after your consultation. There is absolutely no obligation to continue with treatment thereafter.]

Once you have had the optical tests, including those with the optometrist, who will talk through all the options, depending on whether it's for laser, lens or eye conditions, you will move to a room to discuss your finance options with a counselor and have a detailed chat about how your treatment day will go. 

We do understand that this is a very big decision to make in regards to your vision, so take as much time as you need to ask whatever you’d like to know about the procedure.

You will have more opportunities to ask any questions later on in the journey, but here are a couple that you may have prior to the consultation:

How long after the consultation am I able to have treatment?

Provided we have dates available, we are able to organise your treatment as early as 7 days after your consultation. It is incredibly important that you take the time to digest all the information that has been given to you, and to ensure that you feel the treatment will benefit you in the long run.

Can I talk to someone who has been treated?

Of course – many of our customer service staff have had some sort of treatment, and you are able to speak to them directly if you’d like more information on the procedure – simply call 0800 988 6390, or speak to one of our clinic staff who will be likely to have gone through a procedure too! As you will be dealing directly with them, you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like!

Where can I be treated?

We have 20 clinic locations, with 7 specialising in lens surgery across the country! At your consultation, you will be able to determine where your nearest clinic is for your treatment.

You can also find your nearest clinic here

How much time will need to be taken off?
It can take up to 2 hours to go through your consultation, however the dilation drops that are used can make your vision blurry and light sensitive, which means you are unable to drive afterwards (it’s best to get someone to accompany you to your appointment), so it may be best to take the rest of the day off.

Your recovery time is dependent on the type of eye treatment you receive and what sort of lifestyle you lead. However as a guide, we recommend that you take up to one week – however this will be discussed at your consultation!

When can I start using my mobile/tablet/PC?
Again, these depend on your treatment, but air on the side of caution, and try to avoid any electronic device for 24-48 hours!

If you need to use your PC, make sure it is for short periods of time, blink as much as possible and use the drops that are provided post treatment!


The surgeon assessment is an integral part to your treatment journey. Here you will meet your surgeon, get a feel for how he/she works, what they feel would be the best options for you and again, you are able to ask any other questions that you may have.
Take a look at our list of surgeons to learn more about who will be performing your surgery.

The surgeon will take a look at the state of your eyes, double check your prescription, and talk you through how everything will unfold on your treatment day. 



Your treatment day will differ depending on your procedure, take a look below at what you can expect. We completely understand that you may be nervous on the day of your treatment – the clinic staff will be on hand if you need anything, and they will do everything they can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

LASER SURGERY: You will meet your surgeon, who will double check your prescription and the state of your eyes pre surgery. He/she will then also run through what will happen in treatment, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you didn’t think of in your consultation or surgeon assessment.

You will also sit down with the team who will run through everything you need to know for post-surgery, including how to care for your eyes, and what you can expect in the weeks and months to come after the procedure.

At this point you will then be moved through to the pre-treatment room, before being escorted into theater for the procedure to begin.  

EYE SURGERY: You will arrive where you will be given a consent form to read through and sign prior to your treatment.

Your surgeon assessment will then take place, and you will be moved through to the pre-op room to have your blood pressure taken and dilation drops administered before being taken through to the treatment room. 


You will receive your Aftercare appointment card, instructions for your medication, protective eye shields and medications bag.
Once you have arrived home, we strongly advised that you close your eyes and rest for a couple of hours; taking your pain relief medication if you feel it is necessary.

You will also have your first aftercare appointment a) the day after treatment if you have has LASIK or Lens surgery, or b) 3-5 days after LASEK, to check your eyes are healing as they should be.

Take a look at the time period for your aftercare appointments here


Following your aftercare and a satisfactory result, you will be free to go out and enjoy the world, blur-free!

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