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Lens Replacement at Ultralase

We offer a range of solutions for refractive eye conditions, but lens replacement is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to patients aged 45 and over, or those with a very high prescription. 

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  • Do you have cataracts forming on your natural lens?
  • Are you over the age of 45, and your reading vision is deteriorating?
  • Do you have a high prescription?
If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you may be suitable for lens replacement surgery. We offer two types of lenses for this procedure:
    • Monofocal lenses - single focal strength for correction of distance vision. If you are happy to rely on reading glasses for certain tasks, this may an option for you.
    • Multifocal lenses - multi focal strength for distance, intermediate and near reading vision. This is the most popular option for presbyopia (deterioration of reading vision).

PLEASE NOTE: Toric lenses are also available if you have astigmatism.

We now offer 48 months interest free credit if you're looking into lens surgery, and we are proud to work alongside recognised providers for cataracts surgery with the following Private Health Insurance Companies:

Simply Health

Try our finance calculator to see just how affordable your repayments could be:

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What do our patients say?

We do require a £10 holding fee for a week day or £30 for a Saturday appointment, which will be refunded straight back to you after your appointment. Please remember that there is no obligation to continue with treatment after the consultation.