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Lens Surgery Aftercare

Often, people overlook the importance of aftercare once they have had their laser or lens surgery. It is a crucial part to your treatment journey, particularly to reduce the risk of complications and infection once you have had the treatment carried out.

Your Lens Surgery Aftercare Explained

At Ultralase, we are proud to offer you a thorough aftercare scheme once you have completed your lens surgery!

Please note, that your eyes may be very sensitive post procedure, and we want to ensure that you do everything to keep any complications to a minimum, so it’s important to follow the advice of your surgeon.

Lens surgery aftercare

Have you got a helping hand?

Make sure you get a friend or family member to accompany you to your lens surgery treatment. You won’t be able to drive yourself, and small tasks that you normally carry out might seem a little harder the day following your treatment.

Are you in a clean environment?

Dust is not your friend! It’s so important to note that you will need to avoid dusty areas in the weeks following your lens treatment. 

Use your eye drops!

You will be given eye drops once you are out of surgery. It’s so important that you use these drops as instructed by your surgeon, to ensure healing goes smoothly.

Attend all your aftercare appointments!

It is vital that you attend all of your aftercare appointments, as directed by the clinic staff, to ensure the best result possible. 

Take care.

Please be extremely careful when you shower, particularly when you are washing your face and hair. If you can, please try to avoid the shower following treatment as well as soap products that may cause irritation.

After your lens surgery, it is also important for you to protect your eyes from light, as they may be very sensitive. Take care once you have left the clinic, and wear sunglasses following the procedure, and a few days afterwards.

1-2 days after treatment
7 days after treatment
4 weeks after treatment
6 months after treatment (pending discharge by the clinic/optometrist)