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Lens Replacement Surgery

Also known as ‘Clear Lens Exchange’ and the same procedure as cataracts treatment – your natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

IOL patient

Generally, it is suitable for patients that are over 40 or a very high prescription (higher than -10 or +5).
Your lenses are carefully selected with the consideration for what will suit you best and this is chosen by the surgeon who will be performing your procedure.

Refractive Lens Exchange can also correct presbyopia. If you are advised you need reading glasses, we can discuss the option of a multi-focal lens in your consultation.

Our main aim is to ensure that you get the best possible treatment, and that you are happy with the outcome. We use state-of-the-art technology to correct your vision. We are proud to work alongside recognised providers for cataracts surgery with the following Private Health Insurance Companies:

Simply Health

Ultralase is at the forefront of lens development, with progress in optics happening faster than you think!


  • Monofocal Lenses: This type of lens is good for distance vision only. If you are happy to rely on reading glasses for certain tasks, these lenses will be best for you.

    Monofocal lenses are a great option if you’re looking for monovision (where one eye is corrected for distance and the other is corrected for near vision) as well as being a great help for super sharp distance vision in jobs, such as professional driving.

  • Multi-focal Lenses: These are different to monofocal in the way that they are designed to allow the correction of distance and near vision. At Ultralase, multifocal lenses are the most popular option to tackle the correction of presbyopia!

    Here, the design of the lens allows the light to be split into different focal strengths; close up, intermediate and distance vision. 

  • Toric lenses are available if you have an astigmatism - many people think it may not be possible to have refractive surgery due to this, but that is simply not true! 

Click here to book your free consultation or call us on 0800 988 6390 to find out more information from our advisers.

We do require a £10 holding fee for a week day or £30 for a Saturday appointment, which will be refunded straight back to you after your appointment. Please remember that there is no obligation to continue with treatment after the consultation.